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“Healthy things can only grow in healthy surroundings“ was always the conviction of Rudolf Niedermayr, Thomas' father. Farming in harmony with nature – that was his visionary decision. He put this aim into practice with great passion and to an almost revolutionary extent: as far back as the mid-1980s, he transmitted this mentality to cultivating his wine and switched to organic farming.

It meant more to him, however: it was about a comprehensive organic farming cycle with fruit and vegetable crops, livestock and the important element of wine growing. It was about biodiversity and sustainable economic cycles carried out by the whole family. Hof Gandberg has been a Bioland member since 1991, and since 1993 wine has been pressed there, too. From that moment on it was possible to accompany the whole process of wine-making, from the grape to the bottle. The farming cycle was complete. And it was based on the cycle of nature. Son Thomas gradually got involved in the business after 2010 and took over managing it in 2012. It was his vision to let nature do its thing in the cellar too.



Producer: Thomas Niedermayr
 Trentino Alto-Adige, Italy
Grapes: Solaris
Style: White
Size: 75cl

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