About us


We are Marco and Elia. With more than 10 years of experience in hospitality, we import natural wines and sell them to other businesses (wholesale) and to our lovely customers in-store and online (retail).

After visiting hundreds of vineyards in person, we realised that most natural wine producers are small independent family businesses that don't get the exposure they deserve due to their limited capacity.
We decided to take the "risk" of importing small quantities of natural wines we loved and expose them to a broader audience, far from where they were produced. We started small, with supper clubs and private events, and we soon realised that people love natural wines; they just need a way to know them!

That's why we decided to not only import and sell natural wines but also to tell the stories behind each vineyard. We run weekly tastings introducing natural wines and making our audience learn about this world.

After several events and tastings, our volumes increased, and we are now opening our first physical store on Romans Road!

We aim to expand our network of small independent producers, putting them in touch with a wider audience here in the UK to give everyone a chance to meet the natural wine of their dreams!

Get in touch now to arrange your supper club, or come and meet us in person for one of our wine tastings!