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GIOSTRA, Van Basten

GIOSTRA, Van Basten

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100% Falanghina from vineyards at over 600 meters. Spontaneous fermentation with 15 days of skin maceration in fibreglass. Aged in stainless steel for 4 months. No filtering or fining and minimal sulfur additions, if necessary.


Two friends, one Molisano and one Abruzzese, Amir and Michele, respectively, began their new winemaking adventure with a vision to make showcase Molise to the world. A place where traditions, terroirs and grape varieties mingle from surrounding regions by making some very compelling natural wines. They are starting from scratch, making the first vintage of wines in some borrowed space at Lammidia in southern Abruzzo. All the grapes are from Molise, just a short drive south, where they farm a handful of hectares, both owned and leased. All the fermentations are, of course, with native yeasts; thus far, they are working without any added sulfur. We are pleased to introduce the wines of Giostra and look forward to watching them grow, tinker and evolve for years to come.



Producer: Giostra
Region: Molise, Italy
Grapes: Falanghina
Style: Orange
Size: 75cl
ABV: 11.5%


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